ELECTRIC hallway cabinet

This hallway cabinet, is configured from a bookshelf ELECTRIC. Its strong geometry contrasts with the more classic decorative elements of the house. The bookshelf ELECTRIC brings personality to passage spaces, where the views are predominantly biased.

Mostrador en una tienda

We have made a new type of furniture for a store in Valencia. Discontinuous vertical shelves, are placed perpendicular to the front curves of horizontal shelves of the cabinet. The effect is spectacular, as the light is reflected differently depending on the surface's angle. As you can see, the combination with other classic furniture provides an interesting counterpoint!

detail of PEGMA bookcase adapted to a corner

Furnish a house with furniture imotiu is a practical solution to store everything you want and decorate at the same time. The living room of this beautiful home has been furnished with two Imotiu PEGMA furniture systems adapted to the needs of its users. The color of the shelves is the same as the woodwork of this house.